Paper presentation at ASME TurboExpo in Lillestrøm (Oslo), Norway

Prototype of a rotor shaft from one of Ellings designs in 1925

The GIVEN consortium participated in the world’s largest annual turbomachinery conference with the contribution „Adjoint Method to Calculate Shape Gradients of Failure Probabilaties for Turbomachinery Components“ (see publications).

This year’s TurboExpo organized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is held in Lillestrøm, where the Norwegian inventor Aegidius Elling constructed [...]  read more

Shape optimization to minimize failure probability (and material consumption)

Movie: Shape flow for a 2D rod towards optimal reliability.

As three working groups (Optimization, High Performance Computing and Stochastics) at the IMACM in Wuppertal, we develop probabilistic shape optimization models for different failure mechanisms, notably for low cycle fatigue (LCF) problems, with gradient based methods. Low cycle fatigue is a surface driven failure mechanism that occurs under cyclic loading of technical units made of polycrystalline metal. To calculate [...]  read more