Recent Advances in Multi-Objective Optimization 2018 (Nantes), France

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Visualisation of the Stress Field in one Component

The GIVEN-Consortium participated in the workshop „Recent Advances in Multi-Objective Optimization 2018“ (RAMOO 2018) in Nantes, France with the contribution „Gradient-Based Biobjective Shape Optimization of Ceramic Components: Probability of Failure versus Cost“. This workshop is a recurring format in the multi-objective optimization community and focuses on the latest advances in exact methods in multi-objective (mixed) integer optimization.

The workshop aims to foster technical discussions and interactions between the workshop attendees who range from young researchers (master and doctoral students) to senior researchers (academic researchers and practitioners). This specialization in multi-objective optimization topics and the low barriers for discussions help to boost the whole field of multi-objective optimization.

For further information about this workshop visit the official website of RAMOO 2018.