International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM 2019): Beyond the Information Age

Tolles Bild The MCDM 2019 had 261 Participants from 40 different countrys

Results from the GIVEN-Project were presented at 25th International Conference on MCDM 2019: Beyond the Information Age in Istanbul (Turkey). Johanna Schultes and Onur Tanil Doganay held contributed talks in the session “multiobjective optimization with engineering applications ” with the topics:

  • Biobjective Shape Optimization Using Weighted Sums: Probability of Failure versus Costs.
  • Gradient-Based Biobjective Shape Optimization: Probability of Failure versus Cost.

Both talks were held on the same shape optimization problem and presented different biobjective solution approaches that were explored in the last year.

The MCDM Conference is a biannual conference run by the International Society of MCDM (Multi Criteria Decision Making) . It featured 222 talks and had 261 participants from nearly 40 different countries. This conference has a broad spectrum of attendees which include people with a background in mathematics, computer science, engineering and psychology coming from academia, research laboratories and industry.