International Conference on Operations Research 2021

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Michael Stiglmayr and Onur Tanil Doganay presented at the International Conference on Operations Research 2021 (OR 2021) hosted in Bern (online). The OR Conference is the joint annual conference of the Operations Research Societies of Switzerland ( SVOR ), Germany (GOR e.V.) and Austria (ÖGOR)

Michael Stiglmayr suggested in his talk on “Hypervolume Scalarization for Biobjective Shape Optimization” a scalarization technique which is compatible with non-convex optimization problems and does not require additional constraints. This is a particularly important property in the context of PDE constrained optimization. Furthermore, an application of this method on a biobjective shape optimization problem is considered, where the shape of a ceramic component is optimized w.r.t. both stability and weight.

For details of the scalarization approach and some numerical results see the related article.